“Realtor on a Shelf”

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Don’t most Realtor’s sit around (on the proverbial shelf) waiting for the phone to ring or the next buyer or seller to walk through the real estate office door?  All they have to do is get the key and open the door, take the order, write up the deal, and get paid. “I want to see this house at 123 Main Street today, If I like it, I’ll buy it, or go find another house. And if you can’t help me right now, I’ll get someone else.”

What does the general public think about real estate services from a Realtor?  After all, since the real estate agent is commission based and is not paid until the property is sold (money is exchanged),  there really isn’t any need for loyalty to that agent, is there?  They are a “dime a dozen” aren’t they?  Guilty as charged, that’s what I thought before I was a Realtor.

Truth be known there are thousands of licensed real estate agents in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area so that perception is easily perpetuated. But the interesting thing is, behind the scene before the opening of the first door, the Realtor has done hours of work in preparation for that first encounter with Mr Buyer or Seller, with years of education and experience to share to help get property sold.  What’s your opinion?